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Join Mystery's Affiliates and earn 30-50%

on every digital sale you make!

What is this affiliate program?

Erik von Markovik's affiliate program, known as Mystery's Affiliates, is a way for you to earn money by advertising Ask Mystery pickup artist training products on your website, blog or social media. For every person you refer that completes a purchase, you earn 30-50% commission on the transaction.

  • Live Online with Mystery ticket commission is 30%

  • Audiobook and eBook Bundle commission is 50%

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What do I need to become an affiliate?

  1. Create a Gumroad account.

    • Gumroad is the company we use to manage our affiliate program. Go to Gumroad and click the  "Start selling" button (top right) to create your Gumroad account.

    • Visit Payout settings and ensure your settings are updated, including your payout details. It's automatic.

  2. Request to become an affiliate below.

    • Erik and his team will review your request and you'll receive an email with your referral link in a timely manner, within 24 hours.

  3. Start promoting.

    • Promote Ask Mystery training products with your referral link on your blog, web site, social media or where ever else you want to share it.

    • Earn 30-50% from each selling from your referral link.

Anything else I should know?​

  • Know your products: Mystery's Bundle (50% commission) and others. Check them out. Or visit the Ask Mystery affiliate store.

  • Once sales start rolling in, you'll receive a sales notification email whenever a purchase is made through your referral link.

  • You will be paid out every other Friday directly through Gumroad.

  • Our affiliate program is managed through Gumroad. Read more here.

Here's to providing others with what our fathers never taught us, together.

Erik von Markovik

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